Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 Crack

By | July 18, 2018

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 Crack (32-bit) Download for Windows

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 Crack (32-bit) Download for Windows

Regardless of how much OSes have evolved over the years, in order to work with PDF, you usually have employed the services provided by various third-party apps or some comprehensive PDF suites.

Cross-platform and comprehensive PDF suite built with web technologies

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 is one such comprehensive PDF suite that aims to be your go-to solution when it comes to managing PDFs. Just like other suites of its kind, it packs tons of useful PDF tools that make it as simple as possible for you to merge, split, compress, edit, and even convert your PDF files to a wide array of both document and image formats.

With that out of the way, we can focus more on the apps workings, which are, by all accounts, top notch. First off, we would like to point out that this is an Electron-based app which means that it also comes with companion versions for two other popular OSes, namely macOS and Linux.

Everything the average user requires from a PDF suite

It’s quite smooth-running and modern-looking, with a clear-cut and well-organized layout. The app’s tools are neatly grouped into four main, self-explanatory sections, SPLIT, MERGE, OFFICE & PDF, and EDIT & CONVERT.

Just by quickly glancing at the provided list, you can clearly see that Sejda PDF Desktop has almost all bases covered pretty well. You can do everything from extracting PDF pages, splitting documents in half, or by size and text, converting PDFs to Office-related formats (like Word and Excel), as well as to JPG, all the way up to rotating, compressing, cropping them.

Provides you with instant access to its plethora of features without ever feeling cumbersome

In addition, you can add headers and footers, protect your PDFs, as well as quickly extract texts. It goes without saying that each tool has its bespoke menu and extra-little-options that allow you to thoroughly and accurately process your PDF according to your needs.

Last but not least, within the General Settings section, easily accessible from the hamburger-like drop-down menu (upper left side), you can select the output folder for your processed PDFs, as well as choose from a small list of overwrite-related scenarios.

Merge, split, edit and convert your PDFs by relying on this useful PDF suite

Taking everything into account, Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 feels like a very well-built PDF suite, and even though some of its features are still in various early development stages, it is perfectly usable.

It may not be most feature-packed PDF suite out there (it does lack a few advanced features like, for example, real-time collaboration features and another cloud-based gimmickry), but if the price is right for you, then you would be getting your hands on well-balanced PDF package, capable of handling most day-to-day PDF-related tasks.

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 is a free and simple user-friendly PDF management software for Windows PC. Perform an impressively broad range of PDF tasks!

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 Crack (32-bit) Download for Windows

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 Features:

Merge files into one PDF
Visually combine and reorder pages, merge multiple PDF files. Alternate and mix odd and even page files.

Split PDF files
Split documents by pages. Extract separate documents. Split by size, bookmarks or text occurrences. Divide two-page layout scans.

Convert PDF files to Office and image formats
Convert PDF files to Word, Excel and to an image.

Compress PDF
Reduce the size of PDF files. Optimize images and resources.

Edit PDF files
Add, edit or move text in your PDF. Change the font type, size and style. Insert, reorder, move or delete pages. Add the signature, highlight text and insert geometric shapes.

Apply for PDF passwords and permissions
Add copy and edit protection to a PDF. Include a password to protect your PDF from unapproved access.

Sejda PDF Desktop 4.4.1 Crack (32-bit) Download for Windows


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