Smart Defrag Crack + Activation Code Free Download

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack


IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack + Activation Code

Smart Defrag Crack + Activation Code Free Download

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack It provides you with you reliable disk defragmentation that gives you better PC performance with optimized hard drives.Smart Defrag is a free, light, and stable disk defragment tool, which will give your hard drives faster file loading and outstandingly better disk performance. The latest version of Smart Defrag (5) now has improved SSD tools. Running these will significantly improve the access speed of your SSDs. This, in turn, will preserve the life of the drive.

Key features include:

  • Simple and easy to understand interface.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Feature rich.
  • Language support.
  • SSD Trim functionality.
  • Gaming defrag.

If you are a gamer, then Smart Defrag is right up your alley. Smart Defrag also has a useful tool called Game Defrag. You can manually add games, so they are defragged separately from your storage drive defrag process.

The latest version of Smart Defrag has been updated to include a new defrag engine, specialized gaming defrag, a new looking interface and support for over 35 languages. Overall, Smart Defrag is a great tool that you should make use of in your regular system maintenance schedule.

Defragmenting your hard drive can make a real and significant difference to your PCs performance. So it’s a pity that Windows’ own defrag tool is slow, short on features and has a poor interface, especially in Vista. Fortunately, there are plenty of free alternatives around, and IObit Smart Defrag is one of the best.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack

The program has a variety of defrag strategies, for instance. You’re able to defragment files alone, defrag and compact free hard drive space, or use a “deep optimize” mode to reorganize your hard drive files for the best possible speeds. All work quickly and efficiently.You’re able to launch any of these defrag options on demand, on a schedule, or even in the background after your PC has been idle for a few minutes. We wondered if this meant the program would compromise the performance of other applications, but this really isn’t the case. Smart Defrag needs less than 15MB of RAM, doesn’t fire up until your system has been idle for 5 minutes, and stops as soon as other applications become active again, so it never got in our way. All you’ll notice is an all-around speed boost as Smart Defrag fixes any defrag issues automatically before they become too serious.”Boot Time Defrag” technology which allows you to defrag files during the system boot process – these are files that cannot be defragged or are not safe to move after Windows is running.

What’s new in 6?

+ Perfectly compatible with the latest Windows 10 version 1803.
+ Improved Defrag Engine for ultra-fast defrag.
The + Improved algorithm to organize files for quicker access.
+ Expanded Disk Cleanup database to free up more disk space.
+ Optimized operation process for better user experience.
+ Greatly increased the success rate of sending feedback.
+ Started a new round of Lucky Draw.
+ More user-friendly installation process.
+ New Readable skin and more intuitive interface.
+ Supported 40 languages.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack

Smart Defrag Pro is an advanced and easy-to-use disk defragmenter that provides users maximum hard disk performance intelligently and automatically. accelerates the entire system with fast and efficient, as well as streamlines your files based on frequency usage, thereby speeding up disk speed and overall system for best performance. It provides extremely fast and efficient defragmentation engine and suitable for large hard drives.

Disk fragmentation is one of the main causes of slow computer performance.provides advanced defragmentation technology to hard drives and SSD. The software accelerates the whole system with fast and efficient disk defrag engine. It comes with the new generation of ultra-fast defrag engine, designed and optimized for HDD and SSD disks. It not only provides smart defragmentation that automatically defrags in the background but also accelerating disk read or write speed and the whole system for top performance.

More Features:

  • Accelerates file and disk access speed
  • Advanced and reliable disk defrag engine
  • Advanced boot-time defrag feature
  • Automatically & intelligently defrag
  • Boost your computer’s startup speed
  • Efficient defragmentation technology
  • Intuitive interface and very easy-to-use
  • Keep your computer’s performance
  • And many more.

What’s new in Smart Defrag 

  • Multi-threading and efficient
  • New boot time defragmentation
  • Fresh defragmentation priority
  • New intelligent technology
  • Fresh intuitive interface (UI)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

How to crack??

  1. Disconnect from internet (most recommended)
  2. Unpack zip and install the program (launch Setup)
  3. Exit the software from the system tray (if running)
  4. Launch “BlockHost.bat” using administrator rights
  5. Copy license file from Crack to an Installation directory
  6. Done

Smart Defrag Crack + Activation Code Free Download

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